Browse Sicily is a bit like venture on a journey through time, the traces of a rich and sumptuous past of meetings and mixing of peoples.

Discover Sicily

This magnificent island is composed of temples by the warm tones of the earth and sand, soft Baroque architecture, deep, blue sea, green hills and the black soil of Etna. Nature and man have met, have learned to live and to respect each other in what is the largest island in the Mediterranean.

Land of art cities

Not only sea

Famous cities such as Palermo, Ragusa and Syracuse will charm you with its historical beauty, blue, clear sea will invite you to take a dip. Sicily is a coveted destination all year round due to its mild and pleasant climate, with long hot summers, cool springs sunny and fragrant blooms. Sicily is not just sea, it is much more.

Much to offer

Sicily is the largest region of Italy and has a lot to offer both for beach tourism that the artistic-cultural. Here it is 20 inevitable and unmissable sights of this great and fascinating island:

1. The sheer town of Taormina with its greek theater, tourist destination known throughout the world for its location and postcard views.
2. The white city of Siracusa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Isle of Ortigia, are two of the greatest historical testimonies of the Mediterranean civilizations.
3. The village of Erice, perched on the rock and with stunning views of the Mediterranean, and the salt pans of Trapani, located in the western part of the island, combining the charm of history and nature with spectacular views of the plain below and the blue sea.
4. The regional capital, Palermo, a city with strong Arabic influences both nell'archietettura that in the kitchen. Overlooking the sea with a large port, best sums up the beauty of the region, offering history, culture, ancient traditions and excellent cuisine. Narrow streets and lively, open air restaurants, lively squares, colorful city markets, Palermo will capture you in a maze of narrow streets all to discover.
5. Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples archaeological site of world importance, turned into a large park in which to walk, breathing the atmosphere of the magnificent Magna Grecia, with spectacular views of the nearby sea.
6. Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe: its dark bulk overlooking the city of Catania and dominates the gulf. As is activated gives pyrotechnic shows with background the sea. In spring its black soil contrasts with the broom in bloom, and winter wears white becoming pleasant ski resort a few kilometers from the sea.
7. The Noto Valley, the cradle of Sicilian Baroque, with the towns of Ragusa, Modica and Scicli, built on the rocks, with their natural colors blend and integrate perfectly with the views around. Here the baroque style is the master and one example is the historic center of Noto.
8. Cefalu, well known seaside resort on the northern coast of Sicily, also famous for the Cathedral with the rich and colorful paleo-Byzantine mosaics and the Madonie Park. And 'it inserted in the list of most beautiful villages of Italy.
9. The spectacular coastline that runs from San Vito lo Capo up to Scopello, famous for its tuna, and Castellammare del Golfo. This stretch of coast is protected from the Zingaro Nature Reserve, with small sandy coves difficult to get to but frequented thanks to the dark blue waters, spotless, overlooked.
10. The Aeolian Islands, easily reached from the port of Messina with hydrofoils, this small volcanic archipelago consists of 7 islands. The most famous are Lipari, the main center, Stromboli with its active volcano and the volcano, where you can reach the crater of the volcano where you can enjoy a truly stunning view. Climb a little challenging if approached in the summer in the hot sun, but the view from the summit repays the effort. Google Traduttore per il Business:Translator ToolkitTraduttore di siti webStrumento a supporto dell'export

11. Less crowded and therefore more wild and fascinating are the Egadi Islands, off the coast of Trapani. Favignana island is a paradise for lovers of the sea, diving and tranquility, not to be missed is the Cala Rossa.
12. The city of Catania, lying at the foot of Etna and facing the sea, is a bustling center and rich in cultural and artistic initiatives. On the outskirts of Catania stands the small village of fishermen of Acitrezza, narrated by Verga in his masterpiece "I Malavoglia."
13. Sicilian inland is the town of Piazza Armerina with its Villa Romana del Casale, famous for its dramatic and well-preserved Roman mosaics. Also nearby is the town of Caltagirone with its long stairway embellished by local ceramics.
14. The natural canyons of the Alcantara Gorge, for nature lovers.
15. The island of Lampedusa, south of Sicily, with its beaches and its pristine sea.
16. The greek temple of Selinunte and the acropolis, great archaeological evidence preserved in a large archaeological park just steps from the sea and the soft beaches of the south coast.
17. A great example of greek past another of Sicily is the temple of Segesta, excellently preserved a few kilometers from Erice and Trapani, the amphitheater still used for performances with very unique atmosphere.
18. Monreale, a town outside Palermo, known throughout the world for its majestic Cathedral with walls covered with rich golden mosaics.
19. The seaside town of Tindari, in the Gulf of Patti, which combines the beauty of nature with the charm and history.
20. The island of Pantelleria, a small jewel of the Mediterranean, consociuta for its wonderful sea and caressed by the sirocco.

What to eat

Holidays in Sicily

A trip to Sicily also includes a journey through the flavors, scents and aromas of this land, crossroads of the Mediterranean. All peoples who have passed through this great Mediterranean port left a piece of their food culture. The result of centuries of mixtures and influences are tasty, colorful, from Arab and oriental notes perfumes. You can enjoy tasty cannoli, stuffed puffs, scented cassata, almond paste and fruit ices, as well as arancini, fish couscous, fresh fruits and vegetables at will. The Sicilian table is a riot of colors and flavors. Sicilian wines, full-bodied and the fairly high alcohol content, are appreciated throughout the world. The heat of the sun and the richness of the soil greatly affect the final product, distinguishing it from all other Italian wines.